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Automation What hope is there for future generations’ employment, when almost daily, technology and automation is changing everything. You can now switch on your heating, cooker or television by using your wrist watch or mobile phone! Soon you’ll be able to buy a car that drives itself! The future??????

Fashion I still have some clothes dating back to the 80s but I don’t wear flaired-trousers these days! OK, I admit I’m an addict to fashion (even at my age)! Are some trendy fashions ridiculous eg Leaving stubble on your face but shaving all around it? Seriously, do you think fashion is still sexist? How many men wear make-up or skirts, or even leggings/tights unless they’re gay? Do some women’s fashions present women as “sex-objects”?

Morning Star (2nd Version).mp3

“Morning Star” recorded 1980

Gatsby Style.mp3

“Gatsby Style” recorded c.1975 by my first band in London - “Clam”

Capitalism  Do you realise the 48 richest people in the world have as much combined wealth as half the world’s population? Even in the UK the main sources of the billionaires’ wealth is - Chemicals, Investments/real estate, Hedge funds, Banking, Media/retail, Diamond jewellery, Online gambling and Fashion! (Forbes 2018). We blindly help these billionaires by our addictions!

Racism  I taught for many years in the multicultural London Borough of Newham. I loved it! Most of the children, with ethnic origins from across the world, were polite, happy and clever. I absolutely hate any form of racism! My song “Join Hands” features Billy Hardwicke and the Christchurch School, Ilford, choir.

Brexit  I am a “Remainer” because I believe the best way to change the EU is from within it. I believe the majority of people who voted to “Leave” were against immigration and persuaded through blatant lies and financial cheating leading up to the Referendum! BRING ON A 2ND REFERENDUM!

Tomorrow?  I dread to think about future generations! Will there be virtually no local shops as online shopping eg Amazon, continues to grow? If the UK leaves the EU, will it become even more of a tax haven for the Super Rich? Will my great-grandchildren even have jobs…..?

Media & Fake News How do we know if the news we read or listen to is genuine. Certain newspapers like the Daily Mail & Sun have often told “Front Page Lies” which eventually, months later, they apologise for in a tiny paragraph! I like Channel 4 News best!

Global Dream (Redave ft Christchurch School choir).mp3

“The Global Dream” recorded by Dave c 2000 with pupils from Christchurch school choir in Ilford, Essex

“Join Hands”     c. 2000 sung by Billy Hardwicke with pupils from Christchurch school Ilford, choir

Chess Game by Backlash.mp3Chess Game by Backlash.mp3

“Chess Game” c. 1980 from the Backlash EP

Lord of Sin (on Marsha Hunt).mp3

“Lord of Sin” c.1974 when Dave’s band Clam were on Capital Radio live with DJ Marsha Hunt


“Fight” c.2007 featuring Omari Ramsay, from Dave’s musical “Is This Really Britain”

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Join Hands (Billy Hardwicke ft Christchurch School choir.mp3

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Religion  I was brought up as a Christian & baptised when I was 11. However, after studying Religious Studies for 3 years (as a student at Carmarthen TTC), I became an atheist soon after, (even though I taught RE for another 10 years)!

I have the utmost respect for all believers, whatever their religion!

God's On Our Side.mp3

“God’s On Our Side” c.2007, from Dave’s musical “Is This Really Britain”

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Sexism   Even though, at last, many companies & businesses are paying men and women an equal amount for doing the same job, there are still more men in higher paid jobs than women! We must continue to fight for equality!

Indoctrination  We are easily indoctrinated from the day we are born - by our parents, our local environment, our religion, our friends, what we read in magazines, books or see on tv (eg adverts) or the internet!

Some indoctrination can be extremely dangerous!

Who Are You.mp3

“Who Are You?” (2010) sung by Dave

06 Just A Woman.mp3

“Just a Woman” (1983) - Head Waiter Practice Tape 4

Love & Attraction   “Love” is a generic term for our emotional attachment to anyone or anything eg a pet cat, your parent or partner etc. “Attraction” is usually about our sexual attraction to someone. It is often mistaken for “love” at the start of a relationship! Apparently, only 1 in every 3 marriages are “happy” and 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce!

11 Love Can Die.mp3

“Love Can Die” (1983) - Head Waiter Practice Tape 4