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 Redave Studios is based in

Highams Park, London E4.

Dave (aka Redave) has years of experience in teaching, creating and recording music,

as well as playing in bands.

He is also a fully-qualified masseur & counsellor.

He does not charge for counselling.

All songs & videos on this site are free to download for non-profit use.

 Dave would like to hear from you for any of the following reasons:

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Dave (aka Redave) believes the United Kingdom (and the World as a whole) should be a much fairer place to live for all.

He believes there is too much power and wealth contolled by a few and that people should not be living in poverty in the 21st Century.

“We Do Not Live in a Democracy”!

“Party politics” is an ancient system which should be abandoned. It is not a democratic system. “Representational Politics” is a far fairer system and so achieveable with local communities electing someone to represent them in a council and then one councillor representing that borough/county in a Parliament. On very important changes to the Law, all people should have the opportunity to vote (either by post or online). This is so possible today! I hope you agree. If you wish to comment please either email Dave or contact him via Facebook.

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“Bring On The Revolution” (a peaceful one of course),