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Dave’s Bands from the 1960s All songs written by Dave unless otherwise stated

For Dave’s Other Bands - “Backlash” & “Head Waiter”

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Dave’s First Band   while still at school c.1965

Dave’s 2nd Band -

“Gents of Trinity”


Dave’s 3rd Band -


Live at the Prince of Wales pub, Tottenham 1971-73

When I qualified as a teacher in 1969, I moved to London and lived for a while in East Ham, Forest Gate and Ilford.

My first job as a teacher (of RE) was at South East Ham Secondary School for Boys.

I bought my first keyboard - a 2nd hand

Farfisa Organ!

Dave’s 4th Band -


“Zeus” changed a couple of its members to become “Clam”, one of my most successful bands, playing all over London as well as playing live on Capital Radio three times.

We also supported several big bands at the time.

If you would like to hear the three songs my band “Clam” performed live on Capital Radio, click here!

The songs are: Lord of Sin (composed and sung by Dave Roper); Louisiana Blues (sung by Lead Guitarist Bob Tibbetts); and Good Advice (composed and sung by Dave Roper)

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My interview by Marsha Hunt.mp3

Old Reel-to-reel tape recording of Marsha Hunt interviewing me on Capital Radio c. 1973!

Click on the image of the speaker to hear the interview!

(Apologies for slightly poor quality)!

Dave’s Band in Carmarthen Teachers’ Training College 1966-69

“The Dream” and “You’ve Gotta Fight” were on my first band’s vinyl disk, produced at Art Records, Motspur Park, Surrey c.1966.

However, all the songs were recorded at a studios in Newport, South Wales c,1965!

2nd photo shows band I was in as a teenager in South Wales c.1968! From left to right - Geof Hunt (Bass), Peter Manley (Drums), Steven Walters (Lead Singer) & Me.