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The Characters and who sings what -

Omari Ramsay plays and sings the character Zahid who becomes a hip-hop star with his girlfriend, Sophie, in the duo “Shame Culture”.

Marcus Brown raps/sings the character, Doug, (Zahid’s best friend from school), who joins the army and is sent to the Middle East..

Chinazam Nwokonkor plays and sings the character, Sophie, (Zahid’s girlfriend and a member of “Shame Culture”).

Joanne Okonkwo sings the character Rohima.

Mary Ayinde raps in “How D’Ya Feel?” and sings in the chorus. She also plays the character Rohima in the narrated summary.

Ishma Adams plays the characters Doug and Mr Sharif in the narrated summary.

All tracks FREE to download for personal use, but any other use please  contact redave Summary of Plot & Music.mp3 1. Summary of Plot And Music (14.56 mins) Crazy World.mp3 2. Crazy World (3.46 mins) Omari, Marcus & Chinazam How D'Ya Feel.mp3 3. How D’Ya Feel? (4.31 mins) Omari & Chinazam God's On Our Side.mp3 4. God’s On Our Side (3.48 mins) Redave Fight.mp3 5. Fight (4..06 mins) Omari & Chinazam If We Could Start Again.mp3 6. If We Could Start Again (3.36 mins) Omari & Chinazam Where Did She Go.mp3 7. Where Did She Go? (5.19 mins) Redave & Joanne There's A War Going On.mp3 8. There’s A War Going On (4.23 mins Omari & Chinazam) Haunted.mp3 9. Haunted (3.52 mins) Joanne Peace On Earth.mp3 10. Peace On Earth (4.23) Redave Hey Yea Yea.mp3 13. Hey Yea Yea (4.45 mins) Loadsa peeps Beatin' Up.mp3 11. Beatin’ Up (3.09 mins) Matt Roper & Lee Carpenter Give Me Strength.mp3 12. Give Me Strength (3.53 mins) Omari & Chinazam

Want to put this drama on a stage?

The complete musical drama “Is This Really Britain?”  is available to be produced and performed by any 16+ drama group. (Contains some bad language and scenes of violence).  Redave will provide full script, music backing tracks.

All you need is a venue and 7 or more singers/actors.

Just contact Dave for details and to discuss copyright.

Dave’s Musical 2007

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 A story about two young friends who believe they can change the world. One joins the army. The other becomes a hip-hop star. We see how their dreams develop in an ever-increasing hostile world