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Billy Hardwick

ft Christchurch School Choir

(Ilford, Essex)


“Join Hands”

(Composed by Dave.

Recorded at Christchurch School, Ilford & Redave Studios)

(a well-known singer and musician in the Netherlands)


“Diagnosis Madness”

(Composed by Dave)

Laurens Reij

Heleen Aninga


Miss You

(Composed by Dave)

"Heads Apart"

 (Dan McGinty and Steve Harris)

“Kicking Up A Fuss

The Sun Does Shine

Keep Waiting

Wait For Me

What Would I Do Without You?

(composed by Dave)

For Video of “Kicking Up A Fuss” click on photo below

Other Artists l Know

Caitlin Downie

Caitlin is a professional singer of classical, opera and cabaret songs.

These two videos were recorded by Dave at the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford, Essex in March 2015

Caitlin sings:

“Habanera” & “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”

Click on photo below  to see both videos

2. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.mp4 8. Habanera.mp4

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I am proud to say that I successfully got offers of contracts from professional recording companies for “Heads Apart” (see below) and also the “Leif de Leeuw  band” who are very successful in the Netherlands and Germany -

I have been privileged to have played many times with professional musicians like  Leif and Laurens (see below) at the Le Couderc camp site in France.