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1. Touch Me

2. Monkeys

3. Toys

4. How D’Ya Make a Lover? (New Version)

5. Asking Questions of the Moon

6. War (New Version)

(Featuring OmariRamsay & Chinazam Nwokonkor)

7. Fight (New Version ft. Omari Ramsay)

8. What’s the Point?

9. Diagnosis Madness

10. How Many Streets (Lead to Nowhere)?

11. Permeate

12. We Know What You’re Doing

(ft Clore Tikva School Choir)

13. Good Friends

14. On the Run

15. Miss You

“Touch Me” Lyrics

“Monkeys” Lyrics

“Toys” Lyrics

“How D’Ya Make a Lover” Lyrics

“Asking Questions of the Moon” Lyrics

“War” Lyrics

“Fight” Lyrics

“What’s the Point” Lyrics

“Diagnosis Madness” Lyrics

“How Many Streets” Lyrics

“Permeate” Lyrics

“We Know What You’re Doing” Lyrics

“Good Friends” Lyrics

“On the Run” Lyrics

“Miss You” Lyrics

“Asking Questions of the Moon” 2014

To simply hear each track, click on text. To watch video (if available for that song), click on picture opposite the text.

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