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Dave’s musical - “The Dream” 2004

(Featuring Paul McDonough, Frazer Downie, Maggie Ball,

Lorraine Fairman & Caitlin Downie)

1. Passion (Lead Vocal - Paul McDonough)

2. Turn Around (Vocals - Paul McDonough & Frazer Downie)

3. It’s A Dream (Dave & Paul McDonough

4. How D’You Feel? (Paul McDonough)

5. God’s On Our Side (Frazer & Dave)

6. Fight (Paul McDonough)

7. Isn’t It Sad (Frazer with Dave)

8. Peace On Earth (Frazer, Caitlin & Dave)

9. If We Could Start Again (Frazer & Paul)

10. Free Again (Paul McDonough)

11. Who Is Meeting Her Tonight? (Lorraine Fairman)

12. Haunted (Dave with Maggie, Lorraine & Frazer)

13. Stay (Paul & Lorraine)

14. The Dream (Paul McDonough)

15. Summary of Story

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